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We have a set category of events each month, aside from customized and tailored corporate events. Chicago is a great sports destination in the United States, and is host to many teams across NFL, MLB, NBA and Major League Soccer (MLS).


Baseball evenings

Whenever the White Sox or the Cubs play, we are always going to be packed. The White Sox are 3-time world series champions and 6-time American league champions. Once of the most successful baseball team, they possess a swarm of passionate fans. In addition, our city also has the Cubs who are also 3-time world champions.



Foosball championships

Foosball seems to be growing ever-so-popular here in Chicago and in Illinois in general. With two foosball tables at Skybox, we host foosball competitions every second Friday of the month, where more than 100 people compete for the prestigious award of one of our finest bottle of whiskies.



Bulls lock horns nights

When your city has someone like Michael Jordan in its ranks, you can’t help but be a basketball fan. The Bulls are Chicago’s crown jewel, and possess a large fanbase globally. Whenever the Bulls play, expect to see a packed Skybox. We also recapture some of the old games such as the Bulls beating the Miami Heat to the title in 2007.