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The insane sports fan culture in the United States


Sports culture is symbolic with the United States. We are perhaps the only country where a seemingly small event such as high school football can attract crowds of tens of thousands. Sports tend to bring people together, invoke passionate debates and even flare up wild celebrations.

For the most of it, we have the three pillars of football, baseball and basketball. Most, if not all, Americans follow at least one of these three. The leagues of MLB, NBA and the NFL attract crowds in the hundreds of thousands. And if people are not watching the games at the stadiums, they are at their houses or at bars enjoying the spectacle.

As Skybox on Sheffield, we truly cherish the sports culture in our country. Sports is so significant in our country that many children and teenagers see it as a way into college and a more productive life. Sports scholarships are a common means to get into college for those who are less academically gifted or inclined.

Sports is also what makes Americans competitive. Americans are known to the outside world as hard-working, competitive and result-oriented. These qualities are enhanced by partaking in sports. It gives you the edge that you need to succeed in life.

Fan vulture is also significant in American sports. If you think of each major city in the nation such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and Miami, they all have at least five major teams across NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB and MLS. This means that each resident in these cities support as many as five teams. It adds to an incredible atmosphere.

Even with a strong sports culture, it seems like there is a resurgence in interest with a few states having started to legalize sports betting. Even the major states, such as New York and California, could have legal betting soon. That will induce even more people to follow sports and embrace it into their lives.

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